Neural Network

This morning I read a very interesting article on Machine Learning / Neural Networks. It was extremely informative and I learned a lot about how inputs and outputs work like a neuron and how it works differently. How you funnel the outputs for each layer, that outputs to the next input layer. it’s fascinating.

Always Learning

There are so many layers and stacks to development I am currently refreshing my knowledge on QA and UAT. I wonder if the company uses SCRUM methodology. 

I wonder how much of what I know will actually be used at the next position that I take. I have so much spread knowledge to use that I cannot wait to spread my wings at a company and really see where I can go in this industry. 

Today a recruiter asked me If I was working at two companies and yes it was just brought to my attention that actively seeking employment for your career can/is a job in itself, the amount of time and work put in is dependent on who we are talking about but I have been obsessively searching for my next opportunity and it’s been a full time job. I am moving my responsibilities up and it’s been a lot of work putting myself out there and displaying my talents and skill sets correctly and in a way that is not dried up and used in every application. I try and stand out as much as possible, to leave an impression can be a great task in itself. I am by no means trying to rant I was just having a self-reflection and that’s what this blog segment is all about. 


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