Life Timeline and Stack Comparisons

It’s kind of funny that when I started school for Software Engineering in 2013 at Salt Lake Community College, my friends that are C programmers poked fun of me for using, learning, and loving Java. As I was getting confident in java and moving on to Java EE, Play, and other new additions. I hit a road block both in life and in my technological adventures. I then had to take some time away in other industry where I still ended up coding a one page helper tool for agents resource guides and break calculators! I made my way back into the industry but this time I wanted to be more visual than on an iteration where I didn’t get to see what I style’d or designed for months at a time. I needed some insta-gradification. 🙂 Well that worked out well for me I now have knowledge all over the stack and libraries from school, work experience, freelancer community, and forums it’s been a crazy fun journey to get to where I’m at. 

Coming back strong with a strong eye for design and user functionality I focused on core markup scripting and styling, while learning as many library and framework use cases as possible. Now that all the lightbulbs go off I can see the bigger picture, I still have so much to learn but I can see the map and define my path. 

The point of the rant here was about the comparison, so when I was programming Java, I didn’t mean to but I got a stiff upper lip towards web developers, as the C programmers had towards me using Java. I now see how just like phsyics “Everything is Relative.” Everything connects and follows protocol to work together whether you are extending shopify/wordpress with API requests or tuning software on a raspberry PI coded in Java. Everything Connects just like the definition of Networking and the sharing of data. Wow dumb realization but very humbling. As I move into a frontend position I am not far off of being a full stack developer or SR Developer. I just cannot believe how far Frameworks, Libs, and DevTools have come just since I started my journey.  


Alright after a really rough week of not feeling good enough to over confidence whether we are talking about for a job or relationship it’s never a good feeling to not feel good enough especially after you’ve given so much time, blood, sweat, and tears into it. I’ve isolated what requirements I need to excel in and master my craft.

Since the split up, I have A LOT of positive focus and time to put in to this and I am motivated to get my dream job. I will not give up I will not compromise I am Tyler and I am an extremely talented developer and I am going to get that office suite with the mountain view, I just have to work a bit harder, I got my taste. I am going in to hyper super drive and will be coming out with 3 or more applications in the next little while and I am having a blast building them. 

I am mastering React instead of bouncing all over the place, I will have defined experience in one of the most sought after frameworks. While ( !talentMastered ) { workHarder(); }

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