Standing in the Ashes

“I’m Standing in the Ashes of who I used to be.” – Halsey,  I love that quote/song, but I wanted to start this segment off with that and get to something I wrote in my notebook whilst out on a journey walk.

As I sit here with an “Executive Suite” style view at a west side angle of a panoramic view of Salt Lake City the hub of Silicon Slopes I realize my entire destiny is laying in front of me from career, family, groups/networks/friends, community and how everything is going to come together I am going to purchase and habit a jiffy lube style building and turn it in to a haven for the community to turn to at any hours of the day/night to learn, code, wrench, game, etc as long as there is no core drug usage, prescription drug abuse, and/or drinking. (some public drinking with rules may apply)

It twas a Supra ’20

[Some people don’t like the new Toyota Supra however I am not one of them, I was walking my way around Kearns, Utah (not a place I’d expect to see such a beauty) and pow there she was! 

It is such a sick car with awesome body lines everything I would want in a newer supra. It looked super clean and really fun to drive I waited around for the owner to talk and discuss how they were enjoying it. However no one came out and time is money. : ) 

Bouncing between Code

I have an interview for a PHP Developer job tomorrow so it’s reminder what better than to work on some CRUD!

While reading this!

If you are interested in what i’m doing, if you think that I may be a good fit for your business or agency. I would love to hear from you.

Get your Brand Noticed!

if you are in need of digital services I am always available and love to hear ideas and have an extremely open mind. The next big thing could be just one connect button away. 🙂