When the DOTS Align!

I’ve found my journey educating myself in the computer science field that unlike other careers / lifestyles. Computer Science is “Multi-Dimensional” Everytime you comprehend the scope of the current universe. The Multi-Verse inverses and reverses back and forth until a new universe Bangs. Meaning you NEVER know everything, and like phsyics, “Everything, Everything is RELATIVE!.

Everchanging Worlds

Life is crazy and everything moves so fast I’m 60 (SIXTY) days away from turning the ol’ dirty thirty (30 Years Old) and boy have I been busy putting in work I’m trying to turn some hardships around and live the life I’ve always dreamed! It’s a bit different than the original plan but just Modified Slightly  , ha-ha. Everything is aligning and I will have what I’ve been working so hard forthe things around me are changing so quickly for example the mcdonalds I’m sitting in I started coming to in 2013 when I started school @ Salt Lake Community College for OOP , CS , and Automotive Technologies and Engineering. It has changed completely the lobby is remodeled and i’ve been here since the remodel and didn’t even notice. 

It was here I spend a lot of time studying between classes, work, 15+ credit hours as well as worked on the Activities Board as an Executive Assitant. I got little to no sleep and I’m back in the same mindset and zone, I’m hungry! Determination plus Motivation === Life change! 

The Ending of A Chapter

As somethings end others begin, as this section of the revelations comes to a closure another chapter emerges, hint-hint! I’ll give the great news in the start of the next segment. 

Push hard, Dream BIG and Never EVER give up! – “When life gets hard, get HARDER” – A. Tyler Benson


Definition Time:

Execution Context = { 

“A concept in the Language that roughly equates to the ‘environment’ a function executes in; that is, variable scope .. (Scope chain, variable closures from outer scopes),  function arguments, and the VALUE of the THIS object.”  


Javascript Window Object The Browser Object Model (BOM)= { 

“Allows Javascript to Communicate with the Browser.”  Same thing as using the document.write() in fact the DOM uses the BOM it’s just at a lower level in the browser rendering. : ) 



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