Website Speed

 Yesterday Friday April 19th, 2019. I was given the go ahead to transfer the Digital West Solutions Website back over from the GoDaddy hosted server back to my hosted server. As this is EXTREMELY time consuming and tedious, I have accepted the task because the overall digital appearance of will be restored and client relations will remain or for go the expectations as of now, I am no happy with the speed and efficiency of the website. 

The website will be maintained and updated by myself personally, this will allow for a reliable website for my client and I will insert the website on my portfolio. I will discount the client for transferring due to me no able to optimize the godaddy hosted server to optimum speeds. 

Cache and GZIP

I have re-setup Cache and GZIP settings. These boost the page load by extreme speeds, however I am still unable to get it faster, I will talk more about media content in the next section. I have set up the best plugins and configuration settings to make the page load faster than however it is still slower than my website on the same server with less media content. HMMMM. 

Meta and Media Optimization

After losing all meta data and plugin files, I had to restart on the SEO/SMM/SEM Meta Configuration. This will work because instead of migrating all data over or copy and paste method. I can place the data I had stored within’ the two plugins and overlay them together, hopefully providing increased Google Ranking. We are in competition with a few different companies, I am in contest with subispeed and flyryde, and my security client is in competition ranking with 

We will overcome these competitors by strategic marketing and planning. I have campaign methods in creation that are next level and on top of the forecast’d digital media content of 2019. 

Job Search and Applications

 After reviewing more job postings on LinkedIn I decided to go ahead and apply for a few more Front end UI/UX Designer jobs, even though I forgot to use the “read more” function and missed that a lot of the jobs that I applied for required the knowledge of ASP.NET which I know very little to nothing about. So i’m hoping I can handle the phone interview/initial contact conversation and use it as a strength in the interview, however that’s moving ahead to much, I just want to be ready, my biggest fear with interviewing is the unexpected which this industry can go that way very quickly. While writing this I learned more it’s actually just a server-side framework built by Microsoft for web based applications, I did not know that it was open source and a server side framework, I can easily learn that if needed for a position. 

While reading this!

If you are interested in what i’m doing, if you think that I may be a good fit for your business or agency. I would love to hear from you.

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if you are in need of digital services I am always available and love to hear ideas and have an extremely open mind. The next big thing could be just one connect button away. 🙂