Monday’s Task Building

Being organized is vital to running and operating a remote contracting company, I am constantly updating and improvising my task-list. Most mornings are spend prioritizing the list and updating Social Media Accounts and setting up Marketing ads and campaign motives. I follow around and research what is trending, I read forums and group conversations to see what marketing agencies, developers, and small business owners are talking about. Then I get to making some content to post around and have fun designing things for a while. At this time I start opening up all the communications devices, as we run 24/7 I do shut down most devices at some point, a mans gotta rest at some point, it’s just not healthy running on 7 hours of sleep for the entire week, but that’s what business owners do. 

Industry Marketing

As I’ve had no problem building Networks within’ my circle of “friend of a friend” routine, I have been oddly standoff about networking within’ my industry without a connected introduction, I am breaking this process by starting a new network I hope to aspire to be a great business relationship including friendship. As this road is unknown to me, I am going to travel down it, and see where it takes us. The worst it can do is be a waste of time, which I just can’t see happening. We will work together to help find strong suits in each other and see how well we work together who knows we could have a great future digital service duo in the works. We will see I will update how it goes, and if anyone reading has suggestions on industry mentoring/partnership please I am 100% open to suggestions. 🙂 

Feature Updates Digital West Solutions

I have been working hard on the performance of Digital West Solutions and migrating it back over to my hosted server, in the meantime I have been adding features here and there.

I have added a chat box feature that integrates with Facebook Messenger API, and is able to communicate via Messenger from his website while he is on the go, with his rapid lifestyle I think this will prove to be far more efficient for his production usage. I have also redesigned the main navigation bar, with the new logo it is looking pretty sleek and flows with the website extremely well. I have done this for my client at no additional charge my main goal is client satisfaction and user engagement. I am excited to finish the improved version of his website on my host, it runs better and I think the client will be more than satisfied.

CMG – Blog Promotions

I have started  a blog promoted CMG and Franks Marketing company. I will write about how professional he conducts business! 

I have a lot more to do and write however I have found at this point I need to get lost in code and the rest will appear on next Segment if important enough……… 🙂 

Thank you so much for tuning in to Ty’s Revelations Segment 3 🙂 


While reading this!

If you are interested in what i’m doing, if you think that I may be a good fit for your business or agency. I would love to hear from you.

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if you are in need of digital services I am always available and love to hear ideas and have an extremely open mind. The next big thing could be just one connect button away. 🙂