A Day at CourtRiverton | Utah

The Judicial System (Court) is and always will be a money game, in fact my Client Relations Director‘s public defender even admitted to this statement! We do already know all this but again I am always reminded why our system is brutally broken.

Story Time: There was a man that was in to see the judge for retail theft, court goes on as normal, when the judge asks the man what he stole, it was a DVD, a DVD really? Did anyone mention, it’s 2019, I am by no means endorsing/recommending/sponsoring the fact that digital theft is a huge problem in our era, however theft of services rendered out of date really? A DVD this was my entertainment for the day!

The time management at Riverton Court House Utah is extremely unorganized to say the least, it took three hours to see 3 cases. The Judge, Council, and Clerk were all arguing over a Drivers License Division procedure that went on far too long, regarding the suspension of a license under state law? The Prosecuter was on his mobile phone texting, emailing, and even on Facebook! Why would that be ok? I will say though that they were resourceful and did try and save each civilian money and time!

Photo Opp!

My Sisters Lexus/Toyota IS300 N/A 2JZ-GE is looking great in front of Marks Ark!

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Our Puppy Loves Cars

Lil’ Audi-Puppy loves cars, even though he is far too big to ride in the Miata he still loves it! He misses going for rides with me almost everyday in either the STI or the Skyline. We are working hard to get the cars running and the Miata funner/faster!

Anyway as soon as that happens it’s adventures with the lil’ floppy puppy again!

Our Great Designer

Our In house Graphics Designer and Art Director creates a lot of great content, I have slacked on getting everything posted to our websites and blogs, however these can be found on each of our social media outlets Facebook.com/slmodd
I will be sure to maintain proper scheduling and get all the creative content posted for all to see…!

While updating our portfolio’s we are noticing a lot of content created that is not being used or were not what clients desired.

We have put these together in the shop section of the store which can be found –> here –> addlebrained.slmodd.com/shop/

The shop will update as frequently as possible as we are trying to get all the content together and organized in a clear & interactive experience.

The designs he creates are really next level and when we combine our forces the sky is the limit!


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