02-07 HKS Turbo Surbaru WRX/STI Downpipe (Never Used)

$150.00 $100.00

  • Zero Miles
  • HKS performance purchased from Rally Sport Direct!
  • Catless means MO’ PoWa!
  • Comes with all hardware
  • I can add the 02 sensor for additional $$$


The scrapes and wear are from installation and storage, the downpipe has never been installed on a running car. So zero mileage catless downpipe. Ready to make your Subaru turbo scream!

“The HKS Coated Downpipe is considered to be one of the more cost effective means of improving both horsepower, and torque. The design eliminates the restrictions found on the factory downpipe which means the driver will have increased spool, better…

The HKS Downpipe is a direct replacement, and has been crafted from 409 stainless steel. The exhaust features a black ceramic coated finish to protect surrounding components from extreme heat. ”

Priced at $133 additional shipping costs yours for only $100 bucks with free delivery to Salt Lake County!