02-07 Subaru ABS Plastic STI rep Ebay 2 Piece Wing

$150.00 $50.00

  • STI style knock off wing!
  • Look like you are fast!
  • Get funny looks by other subarus
  • Make your car super fast
  • Easy install bolt on.
  • Does have rear brake light. (not sure if works, pushed wires in and plasti-dipped over it.)
  • comes with all hardware minus the one broken bolt out of 6.
  • Get all the attention with this ebay wing!


02-07 Subaru ABS Plastic STI rep Ebay 2 Piece Wing

Here we have a plasti-dipped ebay STI replica 2-piece wing from ebay. It is abs plastic and One out of the Six mounting bolts is broken. but it’s more cosmetic aero than functional so I highly doubt you are running enough power to remove 5 bolts, but buy it and prove me wrong. 🙂 JK These are listed new on Ebay free shipping for around $200-$300. I am open to trades what you got, send images with offer?

Anyway shoot me an offer and I am open to trades so send over what you have to trade. but I’d like to see about $50 bucks for this. A nice lay of paint and a fix and this can be mounted and look really good on the right car. I will try to find pictures when it was first installed. Didn’t look bad at all and received a lot of STI compliments on the RS. I hated it but the GF loved it and it was her car for the most part of the time.

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