Electronic Drum Kit Yamaha

$350.00 $300.00

  • A bit dusty but superb condition, excellent for production even if you aren’t a drummer! Never use a simple drum pad again!
  • Features traditional electronic rubber pads, nice stick rebound without being too bouncy
  • Includes different styles for user to play along
  • Audio input for connecting an external music player to the module
  • MIDI output port for connecting to additional devices
  • Programmable click tracks


Electronic Drum Kit, Includes: DTX500 drum trigger module, DTLK9 tom and cymbal pad set and the RS40 assembled rack.

Fantastic electronic drumset by Yamaha. Barely ever used, in perfect condition. Kick pedal included, original plastic wrap still on screen and kick pedal!!!

The heaviest parts the “brain” and pedals. Together they probably weigh 20 lb. The rest of the set, including rack and drum pads weigh less than 30 lb.

Overall the set is very light and easily assembled