1996 BMW Z3 Roadster

$1,800.00 $1,700.00

  • 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster
  • Clean Title in hand
  • 4 cylinder 1.9L
  • Rear Wheel Drive LSD
  • What Else?
  • Best Offer Accepted


The family has outgrown our two seater roadster lifestyles, so this zippy bimmer is looking for a new home, a lot of fun and care has went in to the car. It’s not the prettiest at first but after looking over it and seeing the comparison prices this will start to look brand new. Enthusiast owned so the ALL major maintenance has been taken care of, Timing belt, water pump, upper gasket set all done at 1__k.

Car has the wonderful BMW issues the continue even after no time nor expense was missed, it has a brand new ignition system but acts up sometimes, still ol’ reliable. We have also been going over the wiring and redoing it from the previous owner/ or whomever stole the stereo system from the previous owner, whom blamed all the wiring on the thieves, we found out later that it was a life long issue for the car.

A good set of paint, wheels, and a few interior bits and this car is ready for the canyon cruises, drift, autoX, or nice daily driver. Our lose your gain. We do know what we have, if we don’t get a decent offer, I’ll just keep it and swap it with a 6 cyl motor. 🙂 or heck even just clean it up and keep it where it’s at. Not really in a need to sell. Would just like to see it get more love. 🙂