Life Moves Forward

I have been busy transferring content back to my hosted server, it is tedious and time consuming as I didn’t realize how many changes and updates were made on the clients godaddy host. I also re-designed the Top Menu navigation, the client likes the changes however requested that I put the contact top navigation bar back in. I am finishing up the task list I created and will test incognito and on multiple devices/browsers before sending the pre-staged improved website to my live server. I will send the prototype over for full review while I send over the details on how to direct traffic from his godaddy domain name to my server instead of his current godaddy hosted server. This will gain performance, controlled updates, speed, and reliability. 

After migration even though I go through and test as I go I am running through the entire website, reading, completing contact forms, and pushing all buttons. There are still many typo’s in the clients Text Content. 

I have requested the hours of operation from the security client and have not received anything back yet so I’ve made a quick howto video on updating the Footer Widget.

Here it is:


JUMP Meeting

Slightly Modified Technologies has an important meeting/rundown with a partnership marketing CRM/SEO company. It was very entertaining and if it’s not just a pipe dream would work great as a re-seller program for us and our clients, the price is higher than our plans would be, but works great as a pro feature, it promises and offers a lot more than we can in house. As well as they would take over training my clients on the JUMP Software and I would have a client relations and Sales partner to run the initial details as well as up dates, 24 hour customer service and some other amazing features. I will post more on the information after our meeting with the company. 

FTP Client Host Access

Running and Starting a business is rough and can fee like the wall are falling down, well as soon as you catch up FIVE things or MORE come crashing down around you, while the other 3 things are still knocking on the door. RANT OVER…..

I have been asked for FTP or cPanel access to a dedicated shred hosting account where there are multiple LIVE private accounts as if this was a request from another developer that understood the risk and further more I trusted then I would have no problem giving cPanel access. However it’s not only for the client it’s for the clients’ client. I did not feel comfortable with that and do not have time to configure my cPanel permissions, I setup an FTP account with unlimited quota content uploads. So the client can upload and download as needed, however breaking remains only on the clients website and is not a threat to my other clients and accounts. 

As always it’s very important if you do not know how to read the wp-confi.php file in English, then you should not be touching or modifying any of the core files of WordPress, contact a professional! 

New Client Preparation

We have a few interested prospects, I would like to bring on as clients. The one potential is a small home and commercial painting company, the other is a startup automotive repair company. I have started the data collection phase, and will keep working towards booking two more awesome clients! I just need more details and I can start working on their demo templates to get started on their fully personalized digital campaign. 

Adventuring April 28th 2019

No direction, NO destination in mind we set out, looking for something….. ANYTHING! Working from home/remote work is not what everyone thinks it is, if you don’t get out of the house and you are busy (20 hour days) then things start to get a bit dark. My biggest tip for working remotely is just get out of the house as much as possible, if you can I would set up a back up office set up outide of the house preferrably in day light. 

So we ended up around Sugar House in Salt Lake City Utah. I took some pictures with my crappy phone camera, however still wanted to get some images to throw around and play with in the editor. 

Go back through and add links, references, and any photos that support or visually look good on the post. 🙂 

Thank you so much for tuning in to Ty’s Revelations Segment 4 🙂  

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