ZigaForm version 4.8.5

Website Flow & Navigation

Modified Admin Navigation | Dashboard

Quick Menu with Dynamic page Scroll

Photo Gallery Image Viewer

Design Typography

Playfair Display – Heavy

My personal Favorite It does get pretty thick though

Droid Serif – Bold

This is very eligant and modern can be found in the “6 ways” section.

Montserrat – Bold

This is on the main page jumbotron header.

Poppins – Bold

This is also found in the 6 ways section with the icons that do not have text.

Logo Concept Arena

Laptop Preview Concepting

Business Card Preview

SEO – Digital Marketing Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Providing Feedback

Your input is so important to me. I may not get everything right on the first try and that’s okay.

Here’s how you can provide me with feedback:

  • Be honest. If you don’t like something, I need to know.
  • Be specific. Point out what, exactly, is not working for you, and why it’s not working (screenshots, screencast, google hangouts screen share).
  • Ask why. If you aren’t sure what I was thinking, I’d love to explain my reasoning. Everything I’ve done for the has its purpose.

However this point we have completed Stage #1 of the contract, we will revise and update as needed while we transfer to your hosted domain WordPress Site. Please Go ahead and proceed to pay Stage #1 invoice 🙂 Thank you and I look forward to hearing your feedback. 🙂 

DigitalWest Solutions

The Website Prototype is ready for your review and feedback, please take good notes, screenshot and emphasize and as many updates as you would like. As long as it’s not TOO far out of the original contract we can update the request before migrated the prototype to your WordPress Site.


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