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A WordPress website dynamically navigating through 1-3 responsive pages including optimization for search engines. All easily managed through a custom wordpress client dashboard.

Strategic Goals

I’ve been working within’ the tech industry for half a decade and pay close attention to details/trends and have a keen eye for predicting upcoming and fading norms of business website layouts. I subscribe and obtain the latest articles containing the necessities to maintain a strong and unique online presence for 2019. I work hard to keep my clients informed and up to date on all technologies, I want my clients to feel like they have an Assistant in their digital business life and know that they can always portrait any dreams they have and together we can turn those dreams into accomplished goals by strategic planning.

Hector, we have discussed that you need to create and define a one of a kind online experience for your new start up security business, target potential markets, optimize your website for search engines. I will deliver on these goals, and have applied my experience and management systems, and have broken your goals down into Stages which will divide down into phases, each marking a stage of completion where you can feedback as well as get your goals up and running as quickly as possible. I’ve also analyzed our conversation and came up with some concrete markers in which we can use to ensure you are 110% satisfied with my services.

  • Create and define a one of a kind online experience for Hectors new business.
  • Target Potential Market and Keyword optimize the website.
  • Initialize/Increase Web Traffic from Search Engines.
  • Registration and Integration with all Search Engines
  • Improve engagement.
    • Turning Web Traffic users into Customers.


A strong online presence is fundamental to your business, so I’m suggesting this work take place over three stages, with a soft-launch, to provide premium digital services for your brand.

  1. Down payment to reserve the development and design request. (due to policy change)
  2. First-phase of graphic designs, website implementation, Gold Package - Search Engine Optimized,  delivered to you for feedback (Maximum - 2 week turnaround)
    • Feedback acted-upon, design re-presented to you, if additional revisions requested this may increase the quotation value. (Maximum - 2 week turnaround)
  3. Client approval before stage 2 launch to your main website (2 week turnaround)
  4. Finalization of the project.
    • Test, Launch, Test.


Item Cost
Dynamic WordPress Website 1-3 pages $300
SL-Modified Client Dashboard $50 free
Stages of SEO(dependent on campaign) $50
Graphic Design(dependent on # of revisions) $100
SL-Modified Tool Kit(plugins, extensions, etc) $550 Free
Testing and Deployment $100 Free
Documentation(how to’s & analytic reports) $100 Free 1 month
24 hour tech support $250 Free 1 month
Security Camera Campaign Total $350

(To be paid as follows…)

  • Invoice #26 Inilitize Project Down Payment: 10%
  • Invoice #27 payment (on delivery of Stage #1): 45%
  • Invoice #28 payment (on delivery of Stage #2): 45%
  • Finalization payment (final balance, on completion of all stages): Dependent on revisions.

Getting Started

This quotation, dated 01/28/2019, is available for immediate commencement. When you are ready to proceed, please do accept below by hitting accept.

I’d be happy to go over in detail anything regarding this quote or any changes you wish to add to the quote, as mentioned we can tailor this quote to meet your budget, this quotation was created with a “Customize your order“ style influence, using some assumptions with your startup business in mind, however your full details are still unknown if we discuss and go over details further I’m confident we can come up with a tailor customized package that meets and exceeds your needs that is within and below your budget.

If you would like an amendment, or to discuss details, please do let me know via email (tbenson@slmodd.com).

Once accepted, I will need a Database user login with all permissions from your server or a freshly created wordpress; either will work, as long as I have access to the wordpress dashboard as an admin user or your hosting panel to access the database. As soon as I have these permissions I can get started.
I will add you to the Portal System where we can double check and verify all details and check off, comment, and approve all stages and phases, as stated above.