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Update Digital West Solutions

Yesterday was a big communications day, as I didn’t get any important emails actually sent out, I was writing up the emails as I was working around on my ever growing task list.

Things I can still do to speed up the website a bit: 1: Compressed the Images further into .webp files. 2: Gain access to PHPmyAdmin and the database to see where I can optimize the server and website further. Also I think we should go over the images used on the services page in the Storage Quality Section, I feel we could find and optimize better images to use, What do you think hector?

Godaddy.com hosting issues and over all hosting website management conflicting with speed, GZIP, and cache settings. I am unable to minify any of the data files, so the website is slower than I am happy with, I had GZIP and minified settings on the website and found that it made the site unreliable and most pages would load randomly without styles or dynamic content. Yes the website ran faster but a lot of pages and posts do not look very pretty without styling and ajax functionality. So I removed the conflicted plugin, attempted many other top recommended plugins and had zero luck, all cache, GZIP, and minified plugins fail randomly on the godaddy host. After much frustration I removed them all together and just run a boost plugin, which does not work all to well, as I am not happy with the webpage load and function speed. I would like to add the created website to my portfolio list but cannot due to the page load on godaddy. I also lost all the SEO SmartCrawl meta data, because godaddy deemed it unsafe and removed it altogether. This has cost me countless hours and a lot great content, as it is blocking me from re-uploading the plugin to the godaddy hosted website. I am unable to access FTP at this time, so data is gone for now and I had to restart via Yoast SEO plugin.


InfoGraphic Marketing 

I have created the first inforgraphic directed at social marketing for Digital West Solutions. It was also shared and re-shared  through my network. After further campaign meetings and strategic planning we will move forward and come out with media marketing content. I am working hard on putting together these services in a nice budget friendly order. Additionally I have set up 3 free higher ranking google backlinks that sponsor and uprank you that normally would be added to the next stage of SEO/Marketing. however I just added them while I was working on other stuff so it wasn’t a big deal.

Website Updates

Alright after a lot of education with WordPress Security, I am setting up routine Master updates for all my hosted clients websites. I will stage the website, run all updates, test for a period of time, and push to the live server. This may have some cache issues, but I will get this sorted out.

Howto’s Navigation & Widget Updates

As I did plan to put the logos on for you, I thought it was awesome you used my previous how to videos and attempted to insert the logos. Even though I already inserted the logos, I still created two videos on how to input content into widgets and the top navigation bar. I am always willing to help when it is needed but I like to make howto screen cast demos. I hope they help and put you in power of this fully built website.

I am excited to see your business grow. 

Digital West Solutions – Branding Fun

After receiving the final logo I was able to create some fun branded banners and social media posts. This was fun to do and I can always create more, I created about 3-4 branded images that are fully optimized for sharing and search engines just to start out.