A. Tyler Benson

This webpage is to show my interest in the company, I can envision my self working along side the team, making one of a kind websites and frontend applications.

Demo Arena

Here we have a quick display using grid columns utilizing smooth effects, professional theme and elegant styling. 


Proficient in both Content Management & Client Relations. Creating estimates and invoices, customized portals, and authentication request. 

PHP & cPanel

I become an important part of any Develop/Design Team, with experience in PHP and jQuery, I use analytical programming skills to loop through and solve issues accurately.


A native to web protocols and scripting, Implementing code and visual testing, there’s never a boring day in development.

Database Management

Experience working on Full-Stack applications, I work with different data management languages, starting out with mySQL, I’ve moved around Hadoop, and the trending mongoDB. 

Rapid & Agile Team Development

Natural born leader, thinking smarter and harder. Always looking to cut away redundancy. I will work through each problem individually with a close attention to every single detail.

Responsive & Dynamic Websites

Current with all trends and optimization, I work hard to keep websites fresh with dynamic updates and asynchronous operations. I aim to create websites/apps that are not just used, but remembered.

Vanilla HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Virtual Yard Sale

In 2013, I was building all kinds of fun things in Java However I built this awesome little jQuery powered one page application style webpage to help my grandmother sell some stuff out of her garage. It was a fun little project. 

[Code Image Gallery Coming Soon!]

HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

D.A. Development

D.A. Development was a fun project I started in 2013 while in school and I built a really awesome shop website using HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery. The project was called Rally Alley Imports, I do not have anything from this running at the moment as the project seems to be broken. Currently looking in to what the issue could be. 

JAVA, Angular 1, LESS

SLConnected LLC

SLConnected really helped me find my way in the early stages of my development career. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun working with the team. 

Boardwalk Realty Property Management Application

– Using Angular 1, Spring, and LESS. 

Kingdom Warrior Core 4 Life Coaching 

– Using Angular 1, Spring, and LESS. 

Vanilla HTML, Js, CSS

Consumer Loans Helper Tool

I created a really useful and efficient representative helper tool that reduced human error and boosted break time efficiency without outside resources. (Bank Network)

Web, Marketing, Software

Slightly Modified Tech.

Various WordPress and Node Projects were started and completed.

– Client Relations Management / Payment Portal ( slmodd.com/portal )

– Dental Info Website 

– Security Services and Installation Website

– Handyman and many other wp.ENV

“This is a graphic designers dream client.” – Quote from contract graphic designer Justin Tullie

Music Streaming React Application

Dream N Things

Not added to portfolio yet!

– Puretuned UI HUD tuner application software 

– Inventory Avenue / POS / Sales Offer Systems 

– uPawnDirect interactive user engaged pawning and selling 

– Medicinal / Recreational Marijuana Info Starter Templates 

– DSS drop stop shop for mobile drop and setup your shop 

– SlightlyModifiedHub – all the features from above one dash

Your New Developer Awaits

I hope you have enjoyed the quick demo, please do let me know if you have any questions, as I am very interested in the postion.

Phone — 385-800-0354

Email — Tbenson@slmodd.com