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I called it Elon Musk is getting investigated by the SEC for Trade Manipulation. I love Elon but whatever is going on with the Crypto Market doesn’t really make much sense. We have seen the biggest public shift for global acceptance of Cyptocurrencies in history yet the crypto market is all but red , expecpt for Dogecoin and some other social media boosted hyped coins. However that’s my thoughts on the market today [Updated Feb 27 2021]

[Updated Feb 27 2021]

Today We Talk/Learn about Numeraire

A Crypo-Powered Crowdsourced Hedge Fund…”

AI engineers submit predicitons to earn NRM the Numeraire software creates a model based off the best predictions of the stock it holds as asset if I caught the slides correctly. It mentioned anyone with Machine Learning experience can build an AI model and start submitting predictions and earning NRM. I think that’s pretty cool as I want to start moving to Machine Learning and AI. Just haven’t really found my niche in it yet.

It is an ETH token, the supply only decreases no new tokens are created only token away or burned by bad predictions.

So whether you have a financial background or not if you are a data scientist that wants to use theirs skills to submit predictions, it sounds like a sound method to create a strong coin stake. However fallen in the wrong hands with too many wrong  predictions causing too much burning would be like a market sell out and wouldn’t it crash the entire Numeraire stakehold? I don’t know I’m not the smart guy I just read and write about things.

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I am by no means a finance expert or even close to, I am an inspiring Software Developer and Innovative Person. I am just writing blogs as I research and stay up to date with News, Trends, and What my opinion is and that IS ALL! Take what you will I am by no means giving advice. Other than please don’t invest in risky stuff if you aren’t willing to lose that money. 

Happy Days and have a wonderful Week, Good Luck on your Ventures!