When the Dots Connect!

Overcoming many obstacles growing up, smashing bad habits, and a life turned around! I have annihilated the hurdles creating new atmospheres to rocket through, after working with a team of developers as a startup and building my own, I’m ready to find my place within’ a team of talented leads and innovators.

I have been going on drives often, pondering and thinking about the dots and how things can/will connect. As Steve Jobs once said “You cannot connect the dots looking forward, only looking back.” Well I think I may have connected a lot of the dots and have forseen my future, and all I can say is “boy, do I need to push harder!”

Independence Day Adventures (Solo)

Slightly Modified spent most of our day working on code and website debugging, however I did make it out for a nice drive around the south east valley of Salt Lake City. I always wondered what the fireworks around the city would look like from at a higher altitude, however I was a bit let down as you can see from the video, there wasn’t much to enjoy, the ride was pleasant though.

Bringing Back Slightly Spotted Series

Late 2017 into 2018 I was featuring cars that I spotted around town, I am starting this back up since now I have more than Facebook to promote and share with viewers.

So the first of the show is:

Location: Smiths Food and Drug
Address: 47th South 40th West, Taylorsville/West Valley/Kearns Area
Car: Red Manual 2nd Gen Stock mr2 (Boosted)
Owner: Devan_Woodruff

Miata For Sale Prep

I have to weld the Miata exhaust and cut out some parts of the rear bumper, always thought the miata looked cool without a rear bumper anyway so I will go ahead and run it this way until I get the Exhaust pieced together and the rear supports hammered out/in correctly.

On a good note, there was not much rusted other than the common daily winter driving, it’s looking super solid to sell, I think I’ll get some rear wheels that are wider and put the car on some coilovers. Find some carpet and black seats, clean it up real nice and either sell it to a proper buyer, or boost it and have it as a fun little zoomer car.

The Days Work Station @ Hidden Peaks Coffee

So I’ve been going to Hidden Peaks Coffee and Roasting CO for a while now and it’s time that I expressed how awesome it is. Whether you go for the quality blends or the laid back vibe for homework or business, this shop really knows how to accommodate.

I was also speaking to the owner of the shop about we could do for him, he asked to put a little presentation together. I would like to work with this business and help them grow and spread their amazing coffee to everyone. I got a lot of work done while working here and the WIFI is far better than Starbucks or Beans N Brews, so that is a plus in my book.

The Days Work Station @ Beans and Brews

Working from home does have pros and cons just like any other work service, however it can be extremely distracting, non motivating, and just hard to focus and get things done.

I work around this by trying to get out and work on projects as much as possible today July 8th, 2019 I chose the Beans & Brews located on 54th south 36th west Taylorsville, Utah.

Thank you so much for tuning in to Ty’s Revelations Segment 5 🙂  

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