Hell Is for Heroes (DVD, 2001, Used)


  • Good condition
  • Used but little to no scratches
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Cleaning out our collective, and we have this great movie up for sale. We have a bundle of stuff for sale that can be put together and purchased together as a packaged deal. Hurry our inventory is ever changing. 🙂


“A perfect example of what critic Manny Farber once described as “termite art”–that which burrows under and gets inside its subject rather than indulging in rhetoric–HELL IS FOR HEROES stars Steve McQueen as the rebellious G.I. John Reese. In the fall of 1944, he’s busted from staff sergeant back to private for drunkenness and is sent back to his former outfit, currently stationed near the Siegfried Line in Montigny. Reese’s bitterness about his demotion isolates him from the rest of the squad, although they’ve observed his courage under fire in previous combat missions. When the unit is assigned to defend an area facing a German pillbox, Reese’s skills become evident. He advises squad leader Sgt. Larkin (Harry Guardino) on a ruse that creates the illusion that their unit is much larger than it is, temporarily deflecting an attack. . . “